sermon series

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August 2020

Sunday 2nd am
Rev Dennis Hill
The Inevitable and Overwhelming Triumph of Christ
Psalm 2 :
God's purposes will stand, no matter what.
Sunday 2nd pm
Gareth Crossley
Jesus the Spiritual Rock
1 Corinthians 10 : 1-13
Jesus was symbolised throughout the wilderness journey; including by the pillars of cloud and fire, by a tree, by manna and by two very different rocks. New life in Christ is symbolised coming from the rock.
Sunday 9th am
Rev Dennis Hill
False teaching cannot bear good fruit; true teaching can
1 Timothy 1 : 1-11
Correcting false teachers is hard but necessary.
Sunday 9th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
The God of the Bible is supremely worthy of our praise
Psalm 103 :
Sadly, we need to be exhorted to praise God.