sermon series

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September 2020

Sunday 6th am
Colin Chisem
Art Thou He?
Matthew 11 : 1-19
Sunday 6th pm
Gareth Crossley
Jesus the Feast Fulfiller
Leviticus 23 :
The Feasts of the Jehovah in the Old Testament were instituted by God to serve as symbols of the person and work of Christ. Their individual significance and fulfilment by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is made plain in the New Testament.
Sunday 13th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Men and Women in the Church
1 Timothy 2 : 8-15
God's way is best, but not always popular.
Sunday 13th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
How much blessing can you take?
2 Kings 20 : 1-9
Blessing can be more dangerous than trials.
Sunday 20th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Choose leaders carefully
1 Timothy 3 : 1-7
Paul tells Timothy the kind of leaders we should have.
Sunday 20th pm
Gareth Crossley
Jesus the Very-Present Help
John 6 : 15-21
The miraculous event when Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee and then stilled the storm fulfilled two amazing prophecies about the promised Christ. It also reveals the power and control of Jesus as the Son of God and the presence and comfort of Jesus as the Saviour of his people.
Sunday 27th pm
Gareth Crossley
Chosen Strangers
1 Peter 1 : 1-2