sermon series

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September 2021

Sunday 5th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Jesus is above all
John 3 : 22-36
Everything points to the Gospel.
Sunday 5th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
The Tragic Enigma of King Saul: Part Two
1 Samuel 16-31 :
The Power of Sin and the Greater Power of Grace.
Sunday 12th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Jesus seeks and saves the lost
John 4 : 1-26
Same Gospel; a Different Approach.
Sunday 12th pm
Colin Chisem
Lord Help Me !
Matthew 15 : 21-28
Sunday 19th am
Tommy Buckle
The Cost of Forgiveness
Matthew 18 : 21-35
Sunday 19th pm
Tommy Buckle
Grasping Hold of Glory
2 Corinthians 4 :
Sunday 26th am
Gareth Crossley
Christians' responsibility during the absence of the Lord Jesus
Luke 19 : 12-27
Sunday 26th pm
Gareth Crossley
Submission, Humility and Tranquility
1 Peter 5 : 1-11