sermon series

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October 2020

Sunday 4th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Christ is the Truth the Church Upholds
1 Timothy 3 : 14-16
Who Christ is & what He's done is always central.
Sunday 4th pm
Gareth Crossley
Born Again
1 Peter 1 : 3
Sunday 11th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Departing from the Faith
1 Timothy 4 : 1-5
Those who leave never really came.
Sunday 11th pm
Gareth Crossley
A Glorious Inheritance
1 Peter 1 : 4
Saturday 17th pm
Roger Fay
The Life of George Whitefield
Heritage Weekend
Sunday 18th am
Roger Fay
The Key Parable
Matthew 13 : 1-23
Sunday 18th pm
Gareth Crossley
Kept by God's Power
1 Peter 1 : 5
Sunday 25th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
Lessons for a Pandemic from Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel 4 :
Nebuchadnezzar's problem was like ours: pride and a failure to acknowledge God.