sermon series

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November 2020

Sunday 1st am
Rev Dennis Hill
Who is a good minister of Jesus Christ? Part Two
1 Timothy 4 : 12-16
By his godly life and faithful ministry Timothy will show himself a good minister of Jesus Christ.
Sunday 1st pm
Gareth Crossley
Various Trials
1 Peter 1 : 6-7
Sunday 8th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Applying Biblical Principles to Real Life Situations
1 Timothy 5 : 1-6:2
Paul is helping Timothy with pastoral responsibilities in four key areas.
Sunday 8th pm
Gareth Crossley
Love for the Unseen Christ
1 Peter 1 : 8
Sunday 15th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Truth or Error? Contentment or Greed?
1 Timothy 6 : 3-10
Loving truth brings contentment; money never does.
Sunday 15th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
A God-centred World
Romans 11 : 36
By nature, we don't see things the way the really are.
Sunday 22nd am
Rev Dennis Hill
A Plea to Live for Eternity
1 Timothy 6 : 11-21
Living with the End in View.
Sunday 22nd pm
Gareth Crossley
Promised Salvation
1 Peter 1 : 9-12
Sunday 29th am
Rev Dennis Hill
God cares, both about us, and also the work we do for Him
2 Timothy 1 : 1-7
God has a plan for His workers, as well as His work.
Sunday 29th pm
Gareth Crossley
1st Motive - Grace
1 Peter 1 : 13