Kingston Evangelical Church

sermon series
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March 2018
Sunday 18th pm
Jonathan Bayes
As for Man
Psalm 103 :
Sunday 18th am
Jonathan Bayes
Jesus Wept
John 11 : 1-45
Sunday 11th pm
Colin Chisem
In Christ
1 Corinthians 5 : 1-17
Sunday 11th am
Rev Dennis Hill
In the school of Christ, application is a requirement for graduation
Hebrews 5 : 11-14
Healthy babies grow; healthy Christians should also.
Sunday 4th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
What are you afraid of?
Ecclesiastes 12 : 13
The fear of God is a good Old Testament and New Testament truth.
Sunday 4th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Our Great High Priest suffered for us
Hebrews 5 : 1-10
Jesus was far greater than what came before.