Kingston Evangelical Church

sermon series
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September 2017
Sunday 17th pm
Malcolm Peters
John 19 : 28-30
Sunday 17th am
Malcolm Peters
The Coming of the Lords Kingdom
Matthew 6 : 7-13
Sunday 10th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
The Weapons of our Warfare
Ephesians 6 : 14-17
God gives us spiritual weapons because we are fighting a powerful spiritual enemy, the devil and his angels.
Sunday 10th am
Rev Dennis Hill
How to have a Good and Happy Life
Psalm 34 :
God's presence, not trouble's absence, brings happiness.
Sunday 3rd pm
Gareth Crossley
His Presence and Control
John 6 : 15-21
Sunday 3rd am
Gareth Crossley
Witnesses to Sonship
John 5 : 31-47