Kingston Evangelical Church

sermon series
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February 2018
Sunday 18th pm
Colin Chisem
A Faithful Remnant
Malachi 3 : 16-18
Sunday 18th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Good Reasons to Keep On Keeping On!
Hebrews 4 : 11-16
Jesus is our Prophet and our great High Priest.
Sunday 11th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
Tell them; go and tell them
Acts 5 : 20
Telling the Good News is always among the highest priorities.
Sunday 11th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Jesus said, "I will give you rest"
Hebrews 4 : 1-10
Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
Sunday 4th pm
Rev Dennis Hill
Rebelling never succeeds, trusting never fails
Psalm 2 :
The creation is in a futile rebellion against its Creator.
Sunday 4th am
Rev Dennis Hill
This Man
Acts 13 : 26-39
Who do you say that Jesus is?