"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly...singing with grace in your hearts..." Col 3:16

Meetings on Sundays & Wednesdays will normally be led by our Pastor, Rev Dennis Hill. These will be held at the church unless otherwise stated.

Sunday Services are at 10.30am & 6.30pm. Wednesday meetings are at 7.30pm.


Wednesday 3rd

Colin Chisem

Sunday 7th

Gareth Crossley, Scarborough

Wednesday 10th

Colin Chisem

Sunday 14th

Gareth Crossley, Scarborough

Wednesday 17th

Paul Stubbs

Wednesday 31st

Stuart Daubney


Sunday 4th

am – Roger Chambers, Lincoln

pm – Brian Elwick

Sunday 11th

Gareth Crossley, Scarborough


Sunday 1st

pm – Colin Chisem

Wednesday 11th

Slavic Gospel Association, Andrew Coleclough


Saturday 19th

Heritage Weekend, 3.30 & 6.00pm (tea between meetings)

Philip Arthur, Lancaster, speaking on Oliver Cromwell

Sunday 20th

Philip Arthur

Sunday 27th

William Horsburgh, Pickering