Welcome to Kingston Evangelical Church Parent & Toddler Group.

If you're thinking of coming to our Parent & Toddler group then please have a read below which lists the format of the morning.
Click here to download our leaflet containing all the information you need

We welcome Mums / Dads / Carers / Nannies / Child Minders / Grandmas / Grandads etc with their 0-5-year olds.

We want to provide a friendly, welcoming, loving, secure, safe & stimulating environment, which will be conducive to the children meeting & playing happily together. Also, one in which everyone, children & adult, treat one another with consideration & respect.

If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please also feel free to help yourself to any of the info & free leaflets that you would like, which you’ll find on the top of the piano.

On arrival:
• Please fold &/or park your buggy carefully ensuring that you are not blocking the exit & fire doors.
• If this is your first time with us, please register on arrival & complete & sign a data protection form.
• Each week, please sign in so we have a record of those attending for fire drills / emergencies.
• Safety is paramount, so please ensure doors are closed so no toddler / child can leave the building unnoticed.

Cost: Free!
(There will be a tin at the hatch for all those who would like to give a voluntary donation towards the cost of drinks / snacks.)

Toilet facilities:
• Male / Female & Disabled toilets are at the front of the church building (near the main entrance).

In both Male and Female toilets, you will find the following:
• Baby changing unit (disposable liners & nappy bags)
• Nappy bins (clearly labelled)
• Potty / Trainer toilet seat / Trainer stool

Your child / children’s safety.
• Please note that parents / carers are responsible (at all times) for the care of their own child/children.
• We have a child protection Policy in place & all church workers in the Toddler Group are DBS checked.
• First-Aid kit available + Leader has a First-Aid certificate.

Story & Singing time.
• At the end of each Parent & Toddler group, we have a story & singing time (sometimes Bible based, particularly at Christmas & Easter).
• Please sit with your child / children & encourage them to participate.

Outings & Activities:
• Teddy Bears Picnic (Before we break for the Summer)
• Outing to a farm or beach in the Summer
• Mum’s night out at the church – (Christmas meal / group games / Christmas related message / Christmas Carols).

Other Children’s activities the church runs:
• Sunday School classes for all ages (4-16 years [+ adult class for 17+) from 2.30-3.30pm on Sunday afternoons.
• Y.P. (Young Peoples meetings) on Tuesday evenings from 7.15-8.30pm (School term-time only).
• Church services are 10.30 am & 6.30pm with Sunday School provision during the morning service, if required, for 1-11-year olds.

Your comments
• We do value your comments on the group and would also welcome your input if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Timetable for the Day

10.00 am – Doors Open (Please use side entrance)

Registration/sign in for:
• Safe Baby & Toddler toys play area
• Table top activities
• Imaginative play area
• Playdoh / Painting / Sticking / Colouring / Baking table

11.20am – Clear & clean all tables

• All table top activities will be cleared away.
• Tables will then be used for serving, & eating, healthy snacks & drinks.

11.30am – Healthy Drinks & Snacks

• Please encourage & supervise your child / children in washing their hands before coming to sit for their drink & healthy snack.
• Please can all adults safely keep hold of their hot drinks at all times & ensure that all children remain seated while they are drinking / eating.
• During this time all the toys will be cleared away

11:45am (ish!) – Story & Singing Time

We all gather together & sit in a circle for Story & Singing Time.

12.00 noon – End of Session

See you next week!