sermon series

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January 2022

Sunday 2nd am
Rev Dennis Hill
Real wisdom and real power
1 Corinthians 1 : 25
God's wisdom seems like foolishness to foolish people.
Sunday 2nd pm
Rev Dennis Hill
When Jesus Comes Again
Matthew 25 : 31-46
The Purpose and Effect of Jesus' Second Coming: Are You Ready?
Sunday 9th am
Rev Dennis Hill
Jesus' teaching gives life and exposes death
John 6 : 41-59
Jesus has a message for those who believe and those who don't.
Sunday 9th pm
Gareth Crossley
Everlasting Father
Isaiah 9 : 1-7
Sunday 16th am
Andrew Lolley
3 good reasons to trust the Lord in 2022
Psalm 16 :
Sunday 16th pm
Andrew Lolley
Foolish or Wise ?
Matthew 7 : 24-29
Sunday 23rd am
Gareth Crossley
An Introduction to the Beatitudes
Matthew 5 : 1-12
Sunday 23rd pm
David Cogman
The Greatness of God
Jonah 1 : 1-16